The same folks who throw empty soda cans and burger papers from car windows

The wife and I usually walk around a large several block area on the sidewalk for exercise in nice weather. Traffic was slow on one four-lane street and just ahead we saw someone throw the empty bag, empty paper cup, lid, straw and used napkins out of the window all separately. We were walking faster than traffic and when we got up to that car the wife started opening a ration of shit to the passenger who threw the stuff out of the car.

Her answer: "Day gonna be somebody gonna pick dat up" and she rolled the window up completely.

We both bent down to pick it all up while she watched us, but she quickly started looking at her phone. There was a trash bin not 50' up the road where we deposited it.

THAT is what kind of person also pisses on toilet seats: "Day gonna be somebody gonna pick dat up".

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