It's not confined to that

The Colt Pythons are newly released this year. Is anyone happy a major gun company is fighting itself back to business and we have more choices to make. I haven't seen any.
The majority are complaining it won't be as good as the original which probably means they already own one and are afraid the prices will nosedive. The others are saying they will never buy a Colt since the company sold out the general public. They did? Or is because they can't compete with 400 dollar AR's.
Others are saying it's a shitshow and junk. They have never seen one but their opinion seems to matter.

No one is saying they bought one and explained their likes and dislikes.

Also, I follow a lady who calls her FB page The Diary of A Mad Dispatcher. She said she started in her career as she liked the public, wanted to be of service to her community. After her first day she wanted to kill every mother fucker on the phone.

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