Or 1. Build my own dating app of deep-fake R3Vs

2. Ask one out on a date
3. Get rejected
4. FAIL! (or is that its own PROFIT! according to The Rules?)

Ironic that a company offering deep-fake faces to increase apparent diversity offers photos of any color infants as long as they're white. Another irony in the article is a model whose face was used to train the AI to produce deep-fakes saying that the world still needs human models because "Today the trends in general and for companies and brands is to be as real as possible."

The mention of a new version of StyleGAN may explain the huge leap in quality improvement I noticed at from late November to late December, which I posted about here a couple of weeks ago.

The article says Rosebud AI screens its customers to try to block bad actors. It seems a better business model might be to sell or even just give away deep-fake images to fraudsters and spies, then get social media, cybersecurity, and counterintelligence agencies and firms to pay for the data to essentially have the cyberfingerprints of crooks and spies. I wonder if has a side hustle going.

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