I'm a satisfied customer.... *Link* *Pic*

Actually.... not.

But I did have a pet scorpion at one time.

Was exploring around Mitchell Point in the Columbia River Gorge, west of Hood River, Oregon. Found the foundation remains of an old building. I don't recall if it was a cabin or auto-court (early motel). Anyway, turned over an old piece of tin that was probably a sign, and found a dark brown scorpion. It's a Northwest Forest Scorpion, Uroctonus Mordax. Captured it and took it home.

Kept it in a small fish tank and fed it crickets. It would simply grab a cricket and tear it to pieces while eating it. Never saw it sting one, so I got some long hemostats, grabbed a cricket, and teased the scorpion with it. It finally grabbed the cricket, then slowly probed with its stinger until it found the thin connection between body plates, and slowly stung it. I was hoping to see some fast action, but nope.

Anyway, I named it "Sting". It lived about a year.

It wasn't that big, maybe two inches from claw tips to where the tail curled over. No way was I going to try to straighten the tail, so it was a bit longer than that. It was considerably larger than our semi-transparent tan scorpions found in eastern Oregon. The link says 1.5 inches, but this one was larger.

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