He is right on many things, BUT

There comes a time when you realize that when you are the ONLY one abiding by the rules that govern a society, then you are going to get your ass kicked and end up on a cattle car headed to an oven while you explain to all your fellow cattle car occupants why this went wrong. The Democrats break every rule in the book and then when a Republican can be made to look like they came close to breaking the same rule, they cry foul and sick their fake news on them to try to bias the entire country. I had a situation at work once when a fellow coworker fucked up. I knew he fucked up, he knew he fucked up, and we both knew the boss was trying to fire him for any reason possible because he didn't like him. I was ordered to give a full account of the fuck up. I lied my ass off. There is a time for honor, honesty, and doing the right thing. That time isn't when you are being herded towards the cattle car or when the Nazi's ask if you have any families hidden in your attic. Rand Paul, suck it up and support your people or you will no longer be a minority, you will be extinct.

Once order has been restored, once President Trump has began his 2nd term and the Democrats are a very small minority in the House and Senate due to a swamp lash in November, you can lobby your ass off to fix the system and perhaps do some good.

I am claiming the term #Swamplash, because I really think that is a cool term to minimize the "Whitelash" the left claims happened after Obama left office.

Get on the Trump Train, be part of the Swamplash.

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