125 Sanctuaries

As of today---125 counties, independent cities and independent towns including PW Co which tried to pull a fast one this week and got a serious in your face wake up call.
State Police have cancelled all leave for 1/20 and are expecting 30,000 attendees.
Word is that the Commonwealth Hotel overlooking the square has been booked with media since December.
Lots of people here are fired up and angry. Lots of other groups coming from out of State to show support because they know that if we fail their States are next.
This is going to be much more than just another annual lobbying effort and rally. It is going to be a full in your face display of the Liberty Snake. The people going into that legislative office building, some wearing suits and ties, to lobby legislators are the rattle. The people outside in full view of the office windows (many in full battle gear) are the teeth. The legislators will see an obvious choice between which end they want to provoke or compy with. That choice will be theirs.
Is this a huge opportunity for false flag malfeasance?, i.e. Charlottesville II?--- Absolutely YES.
Most everyone will be armed as is their right to do so. There will be an enormous police presence. VCDL has very highly qualified internal security on watch for any malfeasance. There are also others who are coordinating to watch for the same. Most everybody seems to be aware and intend to be on watch.
The VCDL email blitz starts today and will continue every day for an indefinite period. If any VA residents want to sign up, VCDL-ALERT is free. Go to VCDL.ORG.
It's how we jam their inboxes and melt their telephone systems for each and every unconstitutional bill they try to shove down our throats.
In reference to a suggestion to call out the National Guard to enforce unconstitutional legislation, Governor Northam recently stated in an interview that " I will cross that bridge when we get to it".
For reference, our Governor would do well to research a little incident at the North bridge in Concord Mass on the morning of April 19, 1775.
We've been pushed into a corner over the last 50 years about as far as we can go.
That bridge crossing will be up to them.

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