Grab the popcorn and watch the libs, dems, and media try to spin the plane

I mean it will be even more comical , sad, and over the top than perhaps even the Kavanaugh hearings which was a low point in all of American politics as far as Im concerned.

I can just see Rachael Maddow twisting her face while "reporting" that Iran accidentally shot down the plane. Sure she might get that far but then of course in the same dang sentence we are surely to hear something negative about Trump as if its his fault.

bc everyone knows...

Orange man = Bad. Therefore anyone anti-Orange Man = good !! See that easy logic!

Oh gawd they are gonna fall over themselves trying to convince the public while holding a straight face that Trump is to blame.
As if anyone believes their "reporting" anymore. As if they have even one shred of credibility left after the 2016 election reporting....