How "we" got to the 'top of the food chain'

"We" (white folks) are at the top of the "food chain"

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as far as IQ, health, vision, work ethic, thinking-outside-the-box in knotty problems, etc.

It goes back to the way "evolution" worked that our "Humanities" (required elective) professor from Greece explained to us:

Civilization started Tigris/Euphrates area of modern-day Iraq but paleontologists note the oldest fossils go back to equatorial Africa.

At the equator, the days are all the same, no change of seasons, days the same length, tomorrow will be like today which was like yesterday. Hunting season is year-round no need for a calendar.

But as hunting and population began to grow, folks began to spread out and head both north and south.

And as they moved farther from the equator, the days became shorter then longer, cold weather showed up now and then and hunting season ebbed and flowed. Someone decided to note the position of the sun going lower in the sky coinciding with the cold weather and shorter days, so the calendar was born.
Folks who went north followed and hit the norther coast of Africa found that small boats could take you to current day Spain which they could easily see across the straits of Gibraltar.

Over there, definitely clothing, different hunting tools and a more accurate calendar were needed. Those who could not adapt or did not have the smarts to follow along died.

Plus, with more darkness, having a lot of melanin in the skin caused a shortage of vitamin D and other "issues" such as fertility. So the folks who had lighter skin and could absorb/produce more vitamins in the this shorter sunny season reproduced and others could not.

As the decades passed and folks moved farther and farther north for hunting, the ones who could hunt, make warms clothes, had the smarts and initiative to put aside for the winter lived and the others did not.

Eventually the folks who ended up in what is now modern-day Scandinavian countries had very light skin for maximum light absorption, and very high IQ's having overcome and adapted to the ever harsher conditions over the previous centuries.

Top. Of. The. Food. Chain.

And that's how he explained it. PhD. in Socio-Econimics.

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