Pelosi wants blood so she can blame Trump

Nothing baits a radical into acting out better than to televise that you are passing laws so President Trump cannot retaliate. So President Trump responds correctly by hammering their ass so they know aggression will not be tolerated by the new Sheriff in town. This usually is like giving the bully a black eye and a broken nose. They realize that any aggression will be returned much harder, so they stop the aggression. Pelosi wants to make it appear that President Trump provoked them into a violent attack on the U.S., so she is trying to pass legislation preventing the President from retaliating against further attacks from Iran, and publicizing it so they know they are safe to attack us. Then when they do, she will blame President Trump for "starting a war". President Trump should announce in no uncertain terms that if attacked, he will order immediate retaliation as per his legal powers as POTUS, and Congress will have 30 days to approve an official war status, but it will all be over before then. If it isn't, the Republicans will win big in November, because during military conflict, people tend to hide behind the voting curtain and vote for the person they think will keep them safe. They figure they can vote towards their favorite issue next time, after they don't get a missile shoved up their ass.

I remember when Bill Clinton was caught with Monica Lewinsky, he ordered an attack launched the very next day. Everyone knew it was a cover, but the Democrats had no problem with it. Then when it went on for years and years, they just claimed we haven't officially declared war, so they didn't need approval from Congress.

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