Nice option. Everyone needs a .22 conversion anyway. *Link*

Registration leads to confiscation, always has, always will. Can't confiscate them if you don't know where they are. Also, wouldn't the King's men have loved to have had a list of all the addresses of the minute men when his troops rolled though so they could torture and kill their families when they did not comply. There are a lot of states that need to split up in to separate parts. Lots of them like New York City, and New York State. Rural California, and Los Angeles. All the big cities pass the bullshit laws that everyone else has to work around to stay out of prison. We need to just bust up the states and move on. Hopefully RBG will die soon, and President Trump can appoint a good supreme court justice to nullify many of these bullshit laws. One would think if Justice Antonin Scalia can be whacked as a normal healthy young person who was very conservative, RBG death should be easy to explain for the powers that be. It was a blood clot, happens when you are 86 years old.

If a few supreme court justices were replaced and a firm ruling on the Bill of Rights being exactly what it is, the states would just get their dicks stomped every time they try this shit.

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