Australian fires? Who cares?

I don't. Especially when it's largely self-induced or caused. A couple hundred arsonists. Piss poor land management. Not a single air tanker in the entire country. Not that it matters. There aren't enough firefighters in the world that can put those fires out. Regardless, the land being burned is scrubland and a burnoff isn't the end of the world. But the news cycle can't stop yapping about it. Who gives a fuck? Again, I sure don't. It's tragic, the homes lost, the animals perishing, but the inhabitants wrote the check for it all. I feel the same about all the California fires. Burn, you stupid fucks.

I still see fire fighting in this country as anemic. We need a national fire fighting force replete with about 50 fire retardant tanker aircraft of varying sizes, both turboprop and jet and about 2,000 elite firefighting personnel and ground vehicles to cut fire breaks that can be on scene withing 24 hours anywhere in the country. Hit that shit hard and quick earlier than later. Then bill the state. That would encourage idiot states like California to manage their lands more responsibly. If not, then make them ASK for assistance when their tinderbox lights up. Hand them the bill. No pay? Don't call again. We're spending trillions at the federal level and when lands light up we've got old aircraft, largely inadequate, doing the difficult duty. Let it burn. Won't be burning again for awhile, right?

Anyway, fuck Australia. I couldn't care less. Let their liberal tears put the fires out.

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