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100 channels and nothing on. I believe it. I was going through NetFlix and looking for something decent to watch. Maybe I'm missing something but I can't find anything that interests me.

I was looking for my favorites and it's getting frustrating.
Black Mirror. I waited over six months for that new season and they came out with three episodes. Three? That's a season?? And one was that gay stuff. The one with the guy from Shirlock was amazing and the one with Miley Cirus was great. She can act. Well, no she didn't. She played herself. Foul mouthed too.

Stranger Things. I was hoping they were making a new season but I guess the actors are pricing themselves out of the projects

Big Bang Theory. It had it's run and ruined it when Penny became the sensible one. It was also ruined when they became adults and dealt with adult problems. I can look at my life for that one.

The Good Place. I waited a month because they shut it down during the holidays. I tuned in because yesterday was supposed to be the return for the last four episodes. I couldn't wait. Yay. Had the popcorn ready. Mother fuckers change the time from 8:00 to a half hour earlier at 7:30. Damn it. I tuned in to watch the first couple of minutes of more gay stuff on another program. Damn them all to hell. Rot in hell, programmers.

Lucifer. Still waiting. Jumped from network to Network. Some time in 2020. At least they expanded to a whole sixteen episodes. Still waiting. Watched all of the episodes again to solve my addiction.

Friends. I wasn't into the show and someone mentioned it again how good it was. Started watching and Netflix pulled it with no warning. Figures.

I don't pay for Netflix. I'm on a friend's family plan. And I only watch when I'm having dinner or lunch. I'm lucky I still have a active life.

Fucking programmers. No wonder people stop watching network tv.

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