some recs and yes i feel your pain
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1. Dark. netflix for weird german sci fi. But piles better than stranger things which i didnt care for other than 80's nostalgia stuff

2. Bosch. modern day cop- serial killer stuff. on AMZ prime though. A+ excellent series. If you dont like it well you suck.

3. The killing- netflix. give it a few eps to get into it. it gets damn good. and yes the main actress' weird face bugs me. still.

4. obviously breaking bad if you havent seen it. netflix.

5. The Wire - old hbo series. solid. amz prime

6. altered carbon. netflix - sci fi. i thought it was well done. B rate actors though

7. The Irishman - new show on netflix. solid. of course has deniro in it which may be a hard pass

Thats enough to get you started unless you've seen then all.

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