Jeopardy! Anyone watching the ultimata tournament now going on?

Not a big Jeopardy! fan but stumbled on the first rodeo of this tournament earlier this week and was gob-smacked at the range of trivia these guys have absorbed.

The fella all the way to the left is a MACHINE, almost android, like Lt. Cmdr Data calling for and answering the clues.

The fellow all the way to the right has won millions of dollars, the most money ever playing on Jeopardy over the years and he's almost lackadaisical like he's thinking; "I've already won more money than Croesus here, so I can't seem to get too excited about this latest one."

I also wonder if that Trebek fellow will hang it all up after this tournament ends. Cancer's got him, I think he's wearing a wig cause all his hair fell out due to chemo and this is his last hurrah.

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