I will agree with Pete, that it can
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be horrible. Lets say you have a 1-1.25 inch thick steak. And you SV it at 135 degrees for 5 hrs and she's nice and tender. You pull it out of the bag and its going to look like Alien gray skin. Now you say, well I'm going to sear it quick to get a nice char. To get a nice char you will end up with a steak that's well done. Some people use a torch or pan fry them. Or have direct flames. Just setting them on the grill won't be hot enough to brown it quick enough without getting it well done. If you can get a 2 in steak, you have a better chance of keeping the steak red in the middle and still getting a little char. I find that the best usage is for Prime Rib. You can get it perfect every time. A steak can go south pretty quick if its thin.

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