Hate to hear that. He wrote most RUSH lyrics, it is a sad day for me *Link*
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He decided to quit touring and retire a while back so they did one last tour. He likely knew and hid it. The press kept asking Geddy Lee if he was alright the way Neil decided to retire. They put out 40 years of good music and performing, he earned a retirement. He took time off after a tragic family loss and just ride his motorcycle around the world. Many of his lyrics were a bit deep and didn't always sell well. Some were a disaster in earlier years but over all he left us with a lot of good music and quality lyrics that will outlive our lives and be enjoyed by many generations to come. Odd, I was working out this morning and played several youtube video's of RUSH to help keep me motivated. Perhaps one of the best drummers ever, he will be missed by his fans.

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