Let's be honest on this one for a second.
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There are a handful of people in VA willing to die for their God-given right to self defense. Those handful are outnumbered by the vocal concerned who have neither the wherewithal or the balls to die while making a statement to their local about an overreach into their rights.

No shots will be fired - at least not by the citizenry - as this progresses, because the ones who could do something about it won't be able to maneuver amongst the ones who would complain but have too much to lose; jobs, families, homes, other freedoms, etc.

I predict this will be another theft of freedom at the barrel of a gun, and VA will change their state motto to "Sic Wimper Tyranis."

It is in human nature to become comfortable with control over our lives. This is no different, and while it's unfortunate, its due to the excess of the Muhrican system where even our homeless live better than most of the rest of the world.

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