Pretty much everyone I know, ran away from moly.
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When I was still shooting 100 yard Hi Power matches some years ago, most of the gurus were heavy into moly coated bullets, treated bores, etc. Far as I know, all have long ago abandoned that chit? Clean 'em, shoot 'em, rinse and repeat. Not sure much was ever required with chromed bores anyway? Don't even remember if my Bushmaster CMP rifle had a chrome bore, or not? Sold it years ago.

When a buddy and I were killing hundreds of woodchucks each summer, we got pretty anal about cleaning copper from our varmint rifles. Both of us finally decided to fook that and cut back on the cleaning regimens. Rifles didn't seem to notice, neither did the woodchucks as they shed assorted body parts.

My personal tale of woe, re moly. Bought a minty used M700ADL synthetic some years ago, in 223. The original ones had a pretty stout 24" barrel, all metal, some sorta matte black finish.

Barely any wear on the black bolt. Mofo wouldn't group worth a damn with any of my "prized" reloads, or the Federal XM193, of which I normally have oodles of on hand. and all which shot very well in any 223/5.56 I've ever owned. Cleaning the bore produced a mess of black chit, regardless of what bore cleaner used. Finally figured out that bore must have been treated with moly, because lack of bolt scuffs indicated it hadn't been fired all that much to produce that much gunk, from just coated bullets?

Cleaned bore with assorted treatments: Kroil, bore paste, carbon cutter, Shooter's Choice and so on. Finally got most of that crap out using Kroil. Rifle now shoots jacketed bullets just fine. Have a zip lock bag full of moly coated reloads. Just waiting for someone to really piss me off and they can have the damn stuff for free.

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