Amazon doesn't check returns well at all...

I noticed several people were buying the $1400 Steiner DBAL-D2 and opening the box to reveal an obvious chinkadeechina airsoft replica with a red laser and white light had been substituted instead.

Scammer buys $1400 NV illuminator, opens and replaces with $100 chinee junk, issues return and gets credited, then turns around and sells $1400 illuminator for straight profit minus cost basis for chinee junk, no taxes on profits, no penalty for taking profits on short term holdings,... its a win all around.

I even suspect some of these douchebags are posting reviews saying "Ordered and got cheap chinee junk" just to substantiate their case of theft with Amazon.

Amazon needs to up their game and start prosecuting this, but I bet it's too inconvenient to move those pallets of $$$ out of the way to bother with it.

AMZN at $1883.16, yo.

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