True Fact Time
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Usually, short men have more testosterone and go bald. This makes them more sexually aggressive. The extra Testosterone also make them well endowed. Apparently, as I do not know any of these factesses first-hand, The Ladies do not appreciate any of these qualities. No wonder Not-Tall-Types are pissed off.

I am not a raging success with the ladies. Having been married for 44 years, I was bemoaning this fact with my wife when I was 42 and having my version of a small mid-life crisis. When you have a life-threatening medical problem since childhood, you already know that you are gonna die so it not quite the shock it is for most men when they realize they are gonna die. It ended up with me having permission to "Whatever makes you happy. Do what ever you want, I just don't want to hear about it." My best friend from college later stated that "You couldn't even get laid when you had a note from your wife." True Dat. Not having shortness-inducing Testosterone-related seggsual aggressiveness, I was not a player.

So I still have very limited experience. One of my problems is that I respect women and don't want to have sex with scum who think less than themselves than I do of them. Stoopid women. Oh, wait... I'd probably catch something and have pustules, That, like Epstein, aren't going to pop themselves.

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