zero point five . unfortunately
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I'm a city dweller, always have been. Most of my friends have farms and hunting camps where I can fish , hunt, and drink whiskey though.

While I enjoy the idea of owning "land" ...I just cant see myself actually wanting to use it much. And not being in the bidness I'm at a severe disadvantage as a buyer in understanding a fair price for such. I'm a member at a GREAT small private local shooting range - open during daylight 365 and I can take friends. No overbearing ROs and I can shoot MGs there and its never too crowded to shoot so for the huge price of $125/YEAR I have all the shooting I need. Im not a regular hunter or angler. And the hell if I want to maintain a second house in the sticks etc.

So... given a few dozen thou $$ or hundreds thou $$....I'd rather own MGs than "land".

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