Nobody wants you to hear of it.

They'd rather keep you in the trap of a deed which is nothing but a contract where you voluntarily sign over jurisdiction of 'your' land to some gov't agency for the 'benefit' of being zoned/taxed/lorded over. You become a 'tenant in common' with the gov't.

Patent is a grant. The gov't has signed over full authority and jurisdiction to the patentee(and his assignees,.....forever). As the grantee, the gov't has the duty to protect the patentee's rights under the grant. Since most people don't understand this, almost all purchasers of 'patent' land have accepted ownership through deed. That can be undone. There is a process recognized in law, but nobody will ever tell you about it. You're on your own. In fact, they'll deny that it exists, but if you follow the process they will abide. Local gov't hates it,....they hate having anyone running rogue in 'their' jurisdiction, but once the land is properly back into patent status they just leave you alone. It's a process that'll take the better part of a year but is basically without expense and once completed it's a 'shall issue' deal with BLM checking your work and re-issuing the patent with you as an assignee. To my knowledge it's a western state thing and I believe only west of the Missouri river.

From memory,....

1) You need to have legal title to the land through deed, quit claim, whatever. Certified copies(2).

2) You need (2) certified copies of the original patent.

3) You need the full legal description of the land. Township/Range/Section and boundary.

4) You need the abstract(chain of title)tracing each change of ownership from original patentee to you. (2) copies.

5) You need to sign a statement to the effect that you are accepting the claim of ownership under the Grant of 1866. Do it twice.

6) You need to post all this publicly for 60 days? Maybe 90 days,....I forget. In duplicate(true copies), all notarized, original signature.

7) After the required public posting you basically send the packet in to BLM and they WILL eventually provide you with your patent. Everything you do, you do in duplicate because they will keep one copy and return the second copy with the patent.

Once you have that patent with YOUR NAME listed as the assignee, do own land in America. The Federal Gov't has granted you sole authority AND jurisdiction within your legal boundary. No agency can come against that. No court can rule against that. If Switzerland invades your property the US Gov't has the duty to protect you.

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