The Islamic Republic is dying from a thousand cuts....

Loss of the only guy who had a proven track record of fighting. He was also the heart and soul of the Sepah. Without him they are in disarray. Then they shoot down a unarmed airliner and kill Iranians and foreign Nationals of a country they really need to stay friendly with because a SHIT TON of stolen Iranian money is parked in Canada. A SHIT TON....

Then they lie about it, even though they were busted literally hours after the shoot down. They are now telling families of the dead airliner victims that if they talk to the press they will not get their loved ones bodies back. This adds to a already angry public.

And now they arrest the British ambassador for spying because he was videotaping the people protesting the regime.

If the EU and Canada abandon the Regime it is done....stick a fork in the Ayatollah.

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