7 wooded acres *Pic*
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We've got 7 wooded acres which abuts thousands of acres of forest that is used for logging and maple farming.

In NH, land that isn't posted No Trespassing is open to hunters, hikers, fisherman etc so if we want to climb the mountain out back or whatever, all we have to do is head out the trail and connect to the system of old logging roads.

We are about 2-1/2 miles from town on a dirt road off of a dirt road. The road turns to pudding for about 4-6 weeks in the spring, which keeps property values down and is a good filter to keep nosy neighbor busybody types that bitch to town hall about everything away.

We've got a little pond, a camping area (currently has a tipi sitting on it) and 50 yard range.

The land in this part of town is zoned "general" so we can do pretty much whatever we want here.

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