I don't understand the huge success

Dunham as enjoyed.

Saw his show, didn't find the humor funny or his act ALL on any level.
I think ventriloquists molest and beat those dolls the same way that ALL clowns are child molesters and/or serial killers.

What I DID note was that the basketball arena I was sitting in to see Dunham was sold out. 10,000 plus people not only payed to see a stand up comedian, they also bought his t shirts and other trinkets.

This immediately told me that although I didn't enjoy or understand the extreme attraction of his act, he has obviously maximized the commercial potential of it. For an act that played in the for probably 50 people at a Thanksgiving Day singles dinner in 1987, he sure gone a long way.

For that, I give him credit for never giving up on a career that is literally one in a million of actually making a living doing.

What the hell do I know.

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