Jojo Rabbit Movie Review

The first twenty minutes are slapstick comedy such as Monty Python. The next half of the movie is a series of trying to figure out how I didn't see the rest of the premise. The formula of the movie is based exactly like a Wes Anderson movie complete with the colors of the sets. One liner odd comments are thrown through out the movie which has the opposite actor and the audience trying to decipher what was just said.

It's not a masterpiece. It is a movie that will stay with you for days trying to figure out your emotions. I have been to movies that after dinner, I forgot what movie I had just seen. This will keep you trying to adjust what you watched.

I was tired of watching the same type of action movies and all the tension that goes with it. I wanted a slapstick funny leave your brain on the end table and watch. This wasn't it.