Year ago one of the SF types made a certificate...

I do not have a visual on this. I was told this by one of the ex-operators who now works as a range SME at China Lake.

It seems that both of the Royals (William and Harry) attended a rather raunchy NATO attendees only event in the sandbox and each was gifted with a certificate by the good old USA boys that said:

"Certified issue from the Royal Vagina & Penis club"

On the certifiicate there was a photo of some dude's Thailand hookup who was delivering a baby while wearing a crown. It was an appropriately cringe worthy photo.

To top it off the emcee of the night's event kept handing out Burger King crowns to anyone who won the various contests they had that night.

It was supposed to be a joke but I don't think any of the Brits in attendance laughed. He said the everyone else laughed their asses off.

The whole "Royal" thing is just so much bullshit anyway.

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