Being in my 70s, most of our toy guns
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Six shooters and rifles. Pre plastic days, primarily diecast pistols that fired roll caps and rifles with wood stocks and steel barrels. Remember pistols that fired Greenie Stick'em caps instead of roll caps. Mattel made some of the coolest six shooters, as I recall?

Family down the street, consisted of a boy and a girl a tad younger than me, that were spoiled rotten. Got ten times the amount of bling each Christmas, than the rest of us did. But since they both played baseball on the corner lot with the rest of the rabble, it was ok. One year I plucked a mint two gun rig outta their trash at the curb, right after Christmas. Think they were Mattel Fanner Fifties or WTF they were called? I was probably ten or eleven at the time.

Hell, if they didn't want them now, fine with me? But the kid spotted me wearing his former six gun rig, threw a fit and tried to take it back. Ain't happening, so it was a short skirmish. His sister ratted him out and his parents made him apologize to me.

Mattel. Best friend since grade school and long time hunting pard, was in the Nams in 1967. USMC, still had an M14 for about half the tour, when they issued them M16s. He was not amused, neither was anyone else. As he told it upon his return, the consensus was that "this shit was made by Mattel", since most of them remembered their toy guns growing up.

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