Youre not a bad person for feeling that way.

Any person who values their freedom would feel similarly if an obvious threat exists. Throughout history, good men have stood up for what matters most to them and their way of life. Celts, Chinkaneese, Koreans, even Muhrican settlers in the colonies - point being that under the rule of, a citizen would have to know that the consequence for taking a violent stand would be death, because the state will prosecute that harshly to avoid an uprising.

Being pissed off enough to kill requires being pissed off enough to die, at least in this day and age.

If you reached that level because Kristen Stewart wouldn't return your 100s of emails, that's one thing. If you reached that level because your was setting up a gambit which will result in the prostration of your family and future generations, that's another.

Some people stand in front of tanks choosing nothing but a briefcase full of school papers. Others snipe train engineers loading cattle cars for the camps...

Neither of those men are murderous madmen.

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