Only ostriches.

That had their heads in the sand (or their collective asses). Now transforming into canaries marching to the Capitol. We're thinking about nicknaming the Capitol the "Coalmine". Not just because of the canary symbolism - but because the crushing pressure they are about to submit to will result in diamonds of public safety. Hesitation means loss. Reaction is not enough. It's too late. NY, NJ, Connecticut, California have set the examples for legality and the SCOTUS may hear a case - sometime in 2032. The donkey now owns the tent. Subjugation and submittal will become standard. No guns at the Capitol is first. Next is the state. Others have fallen. Virginia will be no different. Watch and see how it is done. How the citizenry roll over to keep their Cheetos and Netflix. Licenses and registration. Once it's on the books, getting it off will never happen. The ballot box trumps the soap box and we're neutering the powder box. Now one step ahead and more to follow. Boogaloo means Waterloo.

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