First of all,

If you decide to live in a very remote -30 or more degree place, perhaps its not a good idea to depend on a old tarp and 1"x 1" half assed structure with no back up plan or emergency back up structure. Say a severe storm flattens your tarp shitbox and carries it away? Your alternate plan is to freeze to death? Not to even mention fire. I understand he obviously has a lot more heart than money, but there is no room in places like that for mistakes. The guy was living in a green house. Rule 1 is a structure that will more than take what the winter will throw at it, or bears, and once you have a base like that you build whatever else you want once you have your safe place to survive those winters.
He's lucky they looked for him. Alaska rural areas have the highest missing persons rates than just about anywhere, and many of those are simply poor planners. The animals will make quick work you once you go down.
I feel sorry for the dog.

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