Question about a fish tank with driver's licenses & passports

So...the dry cleaners I've used from time to time lost their lease and are moving to a new location. I've been going there for years, probably more than 10. Buncha really nice Central American and Asian folks work there. The owner is Laotian. Really nice guy. His son I've run into from time to time at the local shooting range. He likes to shoot .22 pistols and home built AR's. The son is not a gun nut, he is more into cars, but we get along really nice.

So, I know them really well. As I said, I've been a customer for over 10 years.

They have had this old fish tank behind the counter ever since I've been going there. Its filled with the stuff they find in peoples clothes. Glasses, pens, checkbooks, driver's licenses, credit cards, passports, CAC cards, building keys, you name it. This tank looks like it holds about 15 gallons of water. So, imagine that filled with driver's licenses from three states, passports from USA, Canada, Mexico, etc...

I've admired that tank for years. I've mentioned it numerous times to the son how cool it would be to have that.

He's hinted that I can have it. I am tempted. But haven't taken him up on the offer. He told me when they move they are shit-canning the tank. They won't keep stuff anymore. Been too much of a problem. The last time I looked at tank I counted at least two dozen US passports showing. There are probably more.

You have to wonder how many dry cleaners have a similar tank or drawer.

I probably will pass on that tank but it got me thinking.