Blackberry Q10 RKI; questions

The trusty little Motorola "smart" phone I've been using for the past 8 years finally gave up the ghost when the batteries exploded during charging the other night. I HATE the idea of getting anything new, and found a NIB Blackberry Q10 with two new batteries still in blister pack and two chargers with a charging case for the other battery. Had an older BB years ago and loved it. Am using a TracPhone pay-as-you-go chip.

The only thing is, this one came with no instructions and apparently someone already put a password into the voicemail so I can't record an outgoing message.

Other than that the phone is in perfect working order calls in/out fine, text in/out fine, etc. I've already done the "RESET" as per the online BB instructions which wiped it all except for the voicemail PW.

ANY IDEA how to reset the Voicemail password when I don't know what the existing one is? Would it be via TracPhone?

Thanks in advance.

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