my old man used to hang nukes on those in Turkey
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He was stationed at Homestead. His squadron would TDY to Incerlik, Turkey 4 months a year.

After the Cuban missile crisis, when the Soviets agreed to pull their missiles out of Cuba, the part you never hear about was how we also pulled our missiles out of Turkey. Missiles that were there first, by the way, before the Soviets decided to do the same to us in Cuba.

Anyways, after the missiles went away, they were replaced by fighter jets with a nuke under the wing. My dad’s crew would pull alert, ready to hang the weapon and get their plane off the ground in under 10 minutes, 12 hours on, 12 hours off, every day, for 4 months at a time.

We have to assume the Soviets had a similar arrangement in Cuba.

Here’s to MAD. Kept us safe for 40 years.

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