I cant tell ya what my spirit guide is. No hallucinations necessary.
But for a couple years now I've seen a few Angel's.
The blonde haired child with fair skin walking with the family of four in Walmart
That will stay with me forever. That family knew she was walking with them .
They were terrified. I have a witness in my wife only could see the Mexican family not
The little swedish girl.
We are so close to the end of days . Very close.
How many people here have seen the angel of death.

Five foot seven jet black hair ice blue eyes. Hair cut in the style halfway between a pixie cut
And clean level trim at the neck line .
Looks a little like Kate beckinsale.
I tried to get her to look me in the eye but I guess it's not my time yet.

And you can guess this part a body to die for .

Oh and are archangel's all blondes . Six foot or taller .

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