Oh, now you done it. Got me going on a pet peeve rant....

Not only do the millennials not give a damn about old actors, especially the OK Boomer types and older, the friggin' Hollyweird studios are catering to this low brow unappreciative generation of short attention span morons. Do you ever see classics like "Journey to the Center of the Earth" with James Mason? Hell no. Now it's a piss poor copy with a suck ass plot and crappy special effects starring Brendan Fraser. Or "Mysterious Island" remakes with The Rock. And for hell's sake, WTF was this "Psycho" remake? Anthony Perkins must be spinning in his urn. Like a dust devil. This is so actors and actresses and actra-its can get residuals from their POS films to keep them on the liberal plantation, while their ADD audience watches their iPhone screens instead of the movie. Meanwhile, those who appreciate old classics are pissed off enough to cancel cable and go get DVD's to watch. Hey, even "Deathwish" was remade, and it was a piss-poor job. What's next? Remake "Where Eagles Dare" with Colin Firth, Shia LaBeouf and Kendall Jenner? And I haven't started on reboots. How many times is the real story of Batman going to be told? It's like all the "This Is The Really Truly Honest Factual Version of Santa Claus" movie or cartoons that confuse kids. OK, I'll give a pass to Halle Berry's Catwoman remake of Michelle Pfeiffer''s Catwoman remake. Either could spank me silly. But other than those, yeah, remakes usually suck. Well other than that little spitfire on "True Grit". She did a lot better than the one John Wayne dug up who couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag. But crap, I'm shooting down my own case. Back to the point, anyone remember Alec Guinness' "The Ladykillers"? The Tom Hanks remake was worse than the end result of greasy British food. Or more BCR material, the POS "Red Dawn" remake that has Fat Boy sending his crazed minions to invade the USA? Seriously? The Norks? Or "Ghostbusters", whose remake was limper than a wet used tampon. Don't forget "Magnum PI" remade with a female Higgins. Or hijacking James Bond and giving 007 to a woman. Really? Couldn't they have the common sense to make it 005 and start an entirely new franchise instead of trying to subjugate the toxic male patriarchy with some virtue signalling that will have men watching something else? Am I right or what?

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