Bible or not, the forces are at work now

England finally did Brexit, but did they?

The globe is getting smaller by the day.

Everyone in the world who makes computers, cell phones and now automobiles has an ever-growing dossier on you. Especially if you tweet, email, use your cell-phone, surf, start your new 2019 onward new car, use a credit card, have a bank account, or even walk around; as facial-recognition is now global.

I no longer do, but the wife still visits family and friends in Europe. She just came back from spending Christmas there and reported "golly, it's a WHOLE LOT EASIER to check in and get your boarding pass now!" Yeah, no shit? They knew who you were and everything about you the moment you walked into the terminal and CERTAINLY as you're standing in line at check-in.

The last time I played that little game, upon our RETURN to the U.S., we gave the fellow our passports and then were instructed to "place your hand on that glass scanner" while the facial recognition camera dropped down and took front and side. And now all of a sudden, it's so easy to check in.

There are doubtless Bushmen in sub-saharan Africa somewhere, and mountain folk in Nepal who're not yet documented, but it's only a matter of time that satellite photography gets good enough, if it hasn't already and is classified, to get recognition of everyone from up there.

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