Yea, well I have been carrying

and using an M16/AR15/M4 now for about 40+ years. I own hundreds and have used THOUSANDS of magazines in that time. It seems every time somebody comes up with a "new" follower design, the old designs will never work right again. I was just out testing some reloads and dong a little double tap and multi target shooting. I was shooting an old PWA semi AR-15 set up as an M16A1. Even had "gasp" triangle handguards. I jut got a batch of old 20 rd USGI surplus mags with the old aluminum followers and was trying them for reliability too. Seems I am doing something wrong, because in about 200 rds fired, I did not have any magazine failures. I did however, have one round fail to go bang. luckily, I could figured out what to do and did not need to take the rifle to an armorer to get it fixed. I have seen a lot more problems with the feed lips bent and the mag catch notch beaten from slapping the bottom of the magazine to hard.

I like innovation and new ideas, but just because we have a solution does not mean it solves a problem.

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