The paper tiger NRA - was sitting it out.
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The NRA spent $350,000 in Virginia this last election. Even knowing what was at stake...$350,000. KNOWING that a handful of outside anti-gun groups were surgically going through each district and spending several million dollars making sure anti-gun legislators were going to win. Like me!

Gabby Gifford's brainchild outfit, Everytown for Gun Safety, Bloomberg, Mom's Demand Action (not THAT kind)...brought in millions of dollars...MILLIONS of dollars. Took on the NRA WHERE THEIR HEADQUARTERS IS BASED. Mom's Demand Action spent 2.5 million. Gabby the Vegetable spent $300,000 alone!


$350,000 for the entire state of Virginia. The Commonwealth. With Wayne's million dollar a year retirement for life...they could only spare just $350,000.

Wayne pisses that away on shopping trips, overseas travel, getting fancy clothes, his hair done and on sexy young interns to keep close by - in a single year. And he's not showing up today at the capital. Or in January 20. Where is Wayne? What was more important gun rights-wise anywhere in the country than in Virginia?

I murder born babies, mock inferior negroes and flat out declare I'm ass-raping you pathetic hick gunowners in Virginia and they couldn't pony up more than Wayne's annual clothing budget. 100 miles from NRA headquarters in Fairfax to Richmond...and that's the best they could do. They have so emboldened the anti-gun organizations that they are now threatening to shut down the NRA's own gun range. They don't fear the NRA with their Achilles heel, Wayne LaPierre.

State Police and the National Guard - threatened with loss of their careers and pensions...what do you think they're going to do? Empowered to sieze firearms, magazines, ammunition, tactical gear, equipment...or be crushed under the bulldozer of the new regime? I'd suggest you review history - and note places like California, New Jersey, New York, Colorado and every other state that has had these laws passed. Remember Katrina? They rounded up guns with a fervor unseen before. Pilfered the good stuff and left the rest to rust. Disarmed the people in a disaster where even the police were looting and murdering people - and weren't showing up for work while drawing paychecks.

Oath to the Constitution. Sure. Okay. When every instance in history shows THEYRE GOING SHOPPING. Carpetbagging. Feathering their nests.

You pathetic citizens won't bust a single cap on tyrants on risk your careers or lives - but you think government officials and officers should risk theirs to protect rights that even you yourself won't? Show me one place where that has ever been the case? Bonus points where it actually worked.

Not when it's easier to go get themselves some prizes and medals and cultivate collaborators. One of the proposed bills even lessens sentences for criminals if they drop dimes on 'illegal' guns. VCDL has it listed on their website under neutral as their position on it. Hehehe..sounds good when you envision some crackhead snitching on his drug dealer. But it's entirely different when they got bubba cousin about to be ass-raped over his unregistered Mini-14 about to point a finger at anyone and everyone he knows that has unregistered guns or contraband gear. And trust me, I plan to use that carrot extensively.

C'mon you little Rosa Parks bitches. Which one of you will refuse to give up your seat (guns) when my agents come to unass them from you? At a traffic stop, a knock at the door, while shopping? And that's only if you don't comply to my edicts and fail to register. But my guess is you will submit. Provide me and my successors a registry. For the future. When the Nazis rolled into France, the French gun registry was a sweet gift they found immensely useful. Produce the guns or face a firing squad. Gun registries are great. It lets you know government bestows rights, not God.

Where is your God now? Where is your LaPierre? And where is your Coonman? Your LaPierre tethered you in the field as a sacrifice to illicit fundraising. They'll stand to make millions and boost membership as I thrust my authoritarian ramrod up your asses.

I'm the new sheriff in town and things are going to be done my way.

C'mon you Lavoy Finicums. You Randy Weaver's. Resist. Give me fuel for my regime. In the meantime, my agenda will roll. Ya'll be ridin' dirty if you don't obey. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Me and my crew up here in the Capitol are betting on it.

Bread and circuses.

Gets 'em every time.

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