Let's start here

In the heart of Virginia. Subjugating the subjects right under the nose of the NRA self-enrichment elitists. No low flying lead.

Hero 1: Hey, Caleb, they raidin' Jethro's house 'rat now! Look out 'ya window. 'Day takin' his guns! Ahm' hunkered down. I skeered and afeared. Should we do sumpin'?

Hero 2: No, Jebediah. Sit quiet. Have a beer. Ain't our worry. Most of our stuff is buried in the Carolinas. For someday when we actually grow a set. I got a pizza on the way now anyway and ahm' watchin' fishin' on TV. Mah' Palmetto State AR-15 is staying nice purty raht' up in the attic where it's been for months. Just like yers.

Jethro: That house there and that house there.

I am Coonman. And I have all the cards.

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