Re: The paper tiger NRA - was sitting it out.

I got the long game for you .
You and the gun grabbers R so sick. You have been
Gutting the nation's back bone for over a hundred
Years .
It is not just guns you going to take away.
It is everything. So once you win and the core values
You've ruined . And you believe your brand
Of communism will be at the top of the commie
Food chain.
I cant wait for the world's antagonist to turn on your kind .
First you will do like joe stalin or Hitler
Have firing squads to force people to fight to the last man
As our country falls ..

We would fight without being threatened
Because that's what real freedom is like.

All the commie antigun politicians are fucking
Rotting cunts .

The chinese have built a largely successful system
You really think they will tolerate competition on their level.
Liberals are fools.

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