NRA - No guts, no glory. *Link*

"The NRA and other national gun groups are not driving the sanctuary movement in Virginia, Van Cleave (VCDL) said. Though the NRA put out a statement supporting sanctuary resolutions, it has also made some effort to separate itself from the Virginia movement, organizing a separate lobbying day for NRA members on 13 January."

"Not one of the Virginia Democrats’ proposed gun laws has been found to be unconstitutional by the US supreme court, and most of them have been repeatedly upheld by federal courts as consistent with the second amendment, according to Adam Winkler, a law professor at the University of California Los Angeles who specializes in gun policy."

The NRA won't even go shoulder to shoulder with in-state groups doing the actual legwork.

I, the Coonman, have the support of the Supreme Court. Precedent set in multiple states. Federal support. And soon, I will have all the guns.

Well, the NRA put up a few billboards. Couple thousand dollars. Ooooh.

Meanwhile, today in the Capitol, we establish who has jurisdiction over guns in the Commonwealth.

That would be me, the Coonman.

Wayne LaPierre can't be bothered to show up. Not even to his own event.

He knows I am the Coonman - and I hold all the cards.

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