"I was told there would be no maths."

What is the compound interest on a $1 deposit made in 1980 to today, assuming a daily frequency and deducting the cost basis of the investment?

How much time would be reduced from a 15yr fixed mortgage payoff which was funded on Jan1 of this year, given 2 extra payments were made each year after funding, once at six-year and again at year-end. Show your work.

If a retiree chose to defer receipt of Social Security Benefits beyond their planned year of retirement at age 62 and instead began disbursements at age 67, what % yield increase would he net assuming he lives to age 75?

Those were just the starter questions when I came through a few years back. Depending on your answers here, they go either to Nuclear and Particle Physics or if you look really sketchy, Analysis of Common Market Theory.

Our immigration checks are NO joke,

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