this is something that always bugs me -

whether it is sports figures, or hollywierdos - donating to a charity of - fill in the blank - they donate $1000- 10,000 or what ever. these people get paid 10s of Millions every year, some a lot more. their monthly sushi bill is higher than that. They make it sound like they are making a big sacrifice, and encourage the "little people" to donate their hard earned money too. Why dont they get the rest of their team, or crew or movie cast to donate some real change and make a real difference ? [please note, that just giving people "money " is not a permanent solution since we spend billions on homeless, and they are still homeless,and Haiti is still "Haiti" despite 8 $$ billion in aid ]

I appreciate the leadership shown by the schport guys who start up a non profit, and do continuing work to bring about change or help on a continuous basis - but at least here they all seem to be the normal white guys on the team. ( yes, I know, a racist observation)

But somebody like Ted Turner, or Steve Jobs, could buy food and feed every hungry homeless person in the US . Or at least funnel it to people who could.

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