Wife-unit and I have been sewing animal rescue pouches.

She's part of a crafters group who make stuff, usually sewn stuff, and the animal care and rescue shelters posted that they need specific supplies which are hand made from sewing templates for wrapping up burned bats, pockets for Joey kangaroos and wallabes along with special hanging pouches for other small animals so they have a clean soft place during rescue, transport and recovery.

We got out the sewing machine and have been cranking those things out over he last weekend to get them in the mail. Yes, I've been doing the sewing too because any man should be able to sew, cook, plan an invasion, build a snow shelter, and make a fire from what he has in his pockets...

I'll bet Amazon is making a ton of $$$ off of people buying stuff to be shipped down here for relief services,... does that count?

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