Them Irish seemed to have it nailed down, too.

Wife-unit and I took a tour of the Crumlin Road Gaol in Dublin or Belfast (I forget) and they had a special cell where the condemned, soon to be dead dude would be moved to under the pretense that his normal cell was being cleaned. While he spent a few days there, he good better food, got some family visitors (*who were not in on it), and then on the day of his death, they'd roll back this big wall which was the only thing separating him from the hangman platform right next door. In that moment, the dude realized he'd been living right next to the mechanism of his own demise, and that tended to shock them just long enough to get the noose around his neck and toss him off the platform down into the pit.

The secret process never got out because,... no survivors to talk about it to the other death row inmates.

I thought that was so e cold-blooded whiz right there. Them Irish can't be trusted...

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