How much money did Randy Weaver get?

They shot his buddy, shot him, killed his wife, unborn child and his son and even his dog. Took all his guns and ruined him. Over a couple of sawed off shotguns.


That's what he ended up with from the government. That's what torturing and destroying him was worth. To make an example of him as a message to gun owners that just want to be left alone.

That's the same amount the NRA spent to preserve gun rights in the state of Virginia. The entire state full of gun owners. $350,000.

Wayne can't be bothered to show up. What's he afraid of? Low-flying lead?

I suspect he's sitting back thinking how much money this panic will bring in and what it will do to membership numbers. At little to no cost! Throw out some token words, put up a few panicky billboards and hand out 1,000 free P-mags to dupes that drove or rode for hours to be photographed and archived. Take in millions from all over the country while I ride roughshod over the herd of skittish sheep he abandoned.

I'm breaking out the branding iron and you're all getting neutered and dewormed. Bagged and tagged.

I've got 4 million dollars appropriated already to fund 18 positions to oversee the assault weapons ban implentation alone.

My fellow Democrats campaigned on taking on the gun lobby. Now they are on their heels. They didn't even show up.

Neither did Virginia voters.

Now it's time for subjugation. Submittal. Surrender.

Safety. This is all about safety. For the children and the future.

Comply, you lose. I win.

Resist, you lose. I win.

Virginia is now a blue state.

You got your $350,000. Now, like Randy, accept your fate. He ultimately acknowledged he should have just submitted and accepted he had broken the law and lost his home and land and everything he owned.

Subject of the Commonwealth is not such a bad title to hold.

Patriot prison inmate and pauper doesn't carry quite the ring, does it?

I am the Coonman. Omnipotent. In power and in the Capitol implementing my agenda.

I'm not worried where Wayne is. He knows who's in charge today.

He's not showing up to my house.

And if you do, leave your guns outside.

Because I said so.

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