Today was ALL their event.

They purposely scheduled it today, a week before VCDL does theirs. They spent about $7.15 per Virginia gun owner during the last election to fight against gun control.

Oh, so sorry, that wasn't enough. Their opponents spent about $50 per gun owner to castrate them. Now, how much money is it going to take to turn over all the gun control enacted this session alone? And where will that be funelled through? Who's going to offer to take up that collection? Look for Wayne to show up to do the honors. Job security.

It won't matter, though. In the interim I'm going to be bending the state to my will.

Some got to ride home today clutching their little P-mag. That they will promptly have to hide, tucked in under their dignity in the shadow of fear.

They see the tsunami coming. Today was their first taste. Did anyone ask, "Where's Wayne?"

He knows the score. He'll be around soon enough with his hand out.

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