Indiana is very pro-gun (adult language)
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Learn the facts. I'm no spokesman for Indiana tourism, questionable weather and flat and boring cropland above the southern portion, much of which has fewer jobs. Some crappy smaller cities like South Bend, Terre Haute, and everything anywhere near the direction of Chicago in NW Indiana. But one fucking moron introducing a bill for show has a long hard road that it will die on before it's going to be law in this state. Quick Google results:

Years ago they pre-empted any idiot Dem run cities (we're looking at you South Bend) from making a patchwork of more restrictive local gun laws. Indiana had an old law that banned NFA SBS, they repealed that in 2015. Indiana has always been very liberal about carry reciprocity with other states. When carjackings started they extended stand-your-ground to occupied motor vehicles. They made auto knives legal. They pushed back on large employers and the asshole Chamber of Commerce lobby to make guns legal stored in employee vehicles in company parking lots; attorneys advise companies never to even ask or talk about guns so they won't get sued over it, just like race or disabilities. Had CCW as long I can remember/all my adult life before other states moved that direction, then they added the lifetime permit.

Now they are looking for new pro-gun things to do here just to reassure voters of their intentions to where it is almost ridiculous. What can we do next? Let's lower the fees! Let's consider crossing guards as LE for purposes of permitless carry! (I made up that last one, but they might pass it if they heard the idea.)

Maybe some day the demographic trends will screw over Indiana too, but that day is not here. A bad prosecutor in the county where you have to shoot someone in self-defense is the only risk to freedom. Indiana-Kentucky is a very comfortable corridor of gun friendliness.

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