Re: According to Bible scholars when this happens global sh!t will hit the

actually the shot from the starter pistol your looking to hear is the anti christ standing in the holy of holys.
i might not be much of a christian but i did attend a home bible study with many good friends, and we tended to focus any of our prophecy studys not on the usual nonsense
you see with all the Tvee evangelists , but on the very simplest expressions of gods saying to those perusing devotions in that vane . to god one or two words
items of faith.
and the anti christ standing in the holy of holys before the arc is one of those proofs. hasnt happened yet
barack couldnt do it trumps not going to do it . i know in my heart that bill clinton tried it on the old temple mount .
what a damn idiot.
in the last couple years i read the Israeli antiques gov folks looked for the actual location . and we arnt there yet.

my reading on this is the Romans destroyed the temple mount so badly they rebuilt it all for their needs that fallen roman temple is not
the temple Solomon built .
why is any conjecture about it plausibly accurate . because the last days seem to be approaching but we arnt there yet.
shall we embark on expressions of mythical note. what if the horribly messed up human condition we are suffering now
is due to the meddling we see from the worlds elites . have they so screwed it all up.
even gods anointed cant rise and take the place of being the messiah.

i mean wow there is a homeless guy in San Francisco that is the real Elijah but hes dieing in the streets of cancer .
man thats such a bummer dude we missed having jesus show up just because of stupid ass liberals

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